Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding of the century!

Forget Will and Kate! Paige Bedlion and David Allen exchanged vows on Saturday 21, June 2014... The ceremony was a simple Catholic ceremony but was stunning none the less.. Paige is an amazing girl.. Her parents raised her with amazing skill and she grew into a gorgeous young lady. Not only is she super model stunning, but all of it is natural and comes from the beauty that this girl possess inside. I was in tears when she told me that she had invited me and I was honoured to share in her big day. I sat down and after much thought I decided to go with a simple card that showed her faith in God and that of her future Husband's faith. He converted to Catholism for her and it amazes me of the shear love and devotion it takes to do that for someone. When I designed her card I felt that Precious Moments and a traditional Bible verse would be appropriate, but when the image was done... I felt it needed something more.. Thus off to the craft store I went and found the perfect paper and some simple yet beautiful crosses that I hung on a heart chain from the bow. After collecting all the pieces I assembled the card and thanks to a very ornery cat.. the bow on the front ended up not being a bow but a puff, but it still went well and still pulled it all together. At the reception I went over to look at her cake.. It was simple... White cake with black ribbon around the bottom of each layer then decorated with rows of purple roses. The cake topper... Precious Moments... Imagine the look on my face when the colours and image of her card went with her cake perfectly.
The cake 

The outside of the card.

Inside of the card.

Close up of the crosses.

Friday, June 20, 2014

I won!

I am super excited! Alyce from Kit and Clowder was offering a chance for someone to win their new Clothing class! I signed up for a chance to win and found out this morning that I indeed won! I am looking forward to this amazing class.. My colouring skills with my Spectrum Noir markers is still a bit on the iffy side and I struggle with pleats and folds especially. Just waiting on the information on how to get into the class so I can download all of the booklets and begin to experiment with her techniques!