Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well I am glad 2012 is here.  I have so many new ventures and wonderful plans for this year.  I just placed an order for about 22 Magnolia Mini Stamps and am bidding on the "cuddles" stamp.  The moment I saw it I knew it was the perfect stamp for my RIF's Valentine's card.  We send *cuddles* via text every morning when we get up, and the stamp is just perfect.  Already planning the card out in my head.  I opened an ebay account to begin to sell my card creations.  I purchased a set of 48 water color pencils from ebay as well and waiting eagerly for them to arrive to play with them.  In March I am heading to Berlin, Ohio for my once a year weekend Scrap Retreat.  Not going to scrap just going to work on some Easter and Mother's Day cards, and perhaps if I have even more new stamps like I am hoping, I will work on some Father's Day and Wedding cards.
Mother Nature has finally decided to cover the ground with snow and it's rather chilly.  Plans to stay in today and play some hidden picture computer games that my Mother send home with me.  So hopefully this weekend I will have my new stamps and I can start playing around with them. The stamp I am bidding on expires tonight and I am the only one bidding on it, so I am hoping I shall have it in my hands this weekend as well.  I would love to start Edward's Valentine's Day card this weekend as I have the entire weekend off.

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