Saturday, June 9, 2012


Today I plan to spend most of this hot afternoon working on some cards in my Scrap room.  I am currently working on a British themed Birthday card for Mumsy that is in November, but I just bought the paper and am having alot of fun with it.  Will post pics when I am done.  Would also like to start posting some tutorials and images of my creative processes.  That will have to start witht he next card that I make.  Went shopping on Tuesday with some friends and family and found a really cool store about 45 minutes from home where Paper is sold by the pound.  I was in heaven.  Not the normal paper that I use, but for the small mats etc it will be just perfect.  That is where I found the British themed paper and some adorable stamps that I have just got to go back and get. Spent the first part of my creative time trying to redo the layout and design of my blog.  Wanted something new and fresh and this layout and background works for me.

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