Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm back

Well a week with 4 friends three of whom are from Georgia, Arizona, and North Dakota was wonderful. We had a lot of good times sight seeing around Akron and Canton as well as a lot of new places to eat, movie to see and laughter to share. I no sooner got my life back in order somewhat before a week of work flew by and Easter was here. It was a wonderful day with my family. Ham Swiss steak and mashes potatoes and all the Easter fixings. My mom is spring cleaning out their crawl space in the basement and apparently I still had a few things left after about 16 years of not living there. But this time it was well worth looking into. I have been wanting old sheet music for making cards with and low and behold there was a magazine of sheer music as well as an old book of sheer music from when my mom was a young girl learning how to play the piano. Not going to reveal how long ago that was but the pages of the book are just the right colour of old. :) we also found a stack of my old 78's from the 70's and the 80's. They are still in awesome shape and for my birthday my mom mentioned maybe getting a stereo like she has that plays records, CDs etc. That will be a fun gift to get.

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