Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vacation Once More

It's been a few months, but vacation is once more upon me.. This time I have no special guests coming into town, but I did promise a very special person that weather permitting we would spend as many days and hours as possible in the pool at our complex.  So today.. Weather permitted such an adventure.  Dean and I found the pool, and then Allie and I headed out to explore the waters. There are three different tiers to the pool.. We have a kiddie Pool, an adult pool, and a whirlpool.  I spent most of my time floating around in the whirlpool or relaxing in a chair reading Game of Thrones.. I managed to somehow bleach some of my hair to blond... Not sure how that occurred and managed a nice layer of sun burn.... Hopefully instead of peeling this will turn into the start of a nice summer tan that I hope will last through most of the dreary winter here.  I have joined a few upcoming blog hops and I am hoping to get a few projects done this week as well.  Well off to accomplish something else... Have a wonderful day!

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