Monday, January 20, 2014

A whole new me.

I have needed to take a long look at myself for several years now, but just haven't wanted to face the person that I have become.  Well after a long talk and a lot of thinking I started to journal and blog about my road to self discovery and I noticed that the things I enjoy who make me a better person have been absent in my life for awhile now.  So I have been starting slowly with rebuilding the real me and one of the fist things I need to do is get back to my creative roots and enjoy myself again instead of sitting on my but eating bonbons and watching tv... Well I don't actually eat bonbons but I do sit on my arse and watch a lot of TV... So tomorrow while a nice pot of Ham and Bean soup is simmering on the stove downstairs I shall be up in my craft room listening to music and enjoying the feel of my crafting supplies in my hands once again.  Look for a new post tomorrow :)  I have 13th Birthday party invites to make :)

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