Monday, October 27, 2014

Project Life... The adventure continues

Normally while I am on vacation this week I am in my craft area working on my Christmas cards... Well this year I have decided that the Christmas cards were just not in the cards for this week.. I have no creative drive when it comes to them and lately I feel that they are a waste of my time.  I spend days upon days crafting these cards then I mail them out only to never receive a thank you or a card in reply.   I will of course create a few for the special people in my life who appreciate my hard work.  Lately I have wanted to do the scrapbooking again and with the help of the new Becky Higgins Project Life App for the iPhone I have been able to do just that.. I am on week five of our new album and will be printing them out probably mid way through and then the end of the year.  My daughter-in-law Renee has two babies... Now 7 and 4 and she said she hasn't even completed the first year of the youngest's life so I spoke to her on the phone today and asked her if I created a set of project life cards for her if it would help catch her up.  She was intrigued and kind of laughed when I told her she could get caught up in about a day with this system. So I am going to spend the rest of my vacation designing and creating project life filler and journaling cards for her for Christmas.  Doesn't seem like much but hand made anything especially in the large set I am intending to do is a lot of time and resources.  I want to create a set of cards for every major holiday as well as milestones for the year.  The idea hit me rather late this evening so I will start her present tomorrow.  I will  get back to blogging with this and post my creations for her as well as my own project life layouts as I create them each week. 

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