Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kit and Clowder

Just an hour or so ago Alyce released her newest colouring tutorial class.  Perfecting Pencils.... I have the entire Spectrum Noir Pencil collection as well as quite a few of the Prismacolour pencils and am eagerly awaiting some technique training.  Well I took the plunge, tapped into my vacation fund as the Aussie Dollar is sitting really low and signed up for the class.! I am currently waiting for my class invite so I can settle down on my couch and begin reading up and starting the class.  This is the one class I am planning to bust my butt and work on in between working, trip packing/planning, and making Buckeyes to take to Florida with me.  I encourage anyone who wants to take their colouring to the next level to hop on over to and sign up for one of Alyce's classes.  I have the clothing class and am enjoying every step of the journey. 

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