Tuesday, August 21, 2012


To quote Bella Swan's mother.... I repel technology..... yep that is me.. I have 3 computers in this house and two of them decided that it was time to go at the same time.. Life would not have been so bad if one computer was not my main gaming computer with all the nice graphic cards, bells and whistles and the other was my daughters computer which has all our family phots, music, and digital cutter files for my Silhouette on it.. Not to mention it is apparently the only computer with the working camera card reader in it.. <sighs>  So the pictures posted below were to be posted during Rebecca's Blog Hop, but I had no way of getting them off my camera... So today I went to Best Buy to retrieve my now fixed gaming computer and drop my daughter's computer off.  Sad to say her motherboard has died... And frankly replacing it for the third time is not worth the money or in my meager budget, so.. I had 85.00 in Best Buy credit for an item I returned and was told.. he we carry a data transfer doohickey to retrieve data off a hard drive.  <eyes perk up>  And we carry portable camera card readers to plug into a computer.. <eyes get really big and bright at this point>  So I go look and low and behold I can buy both and a new blue ink cartridge for my printer and still have a few dollars credit left over.  So now I can have my daughters harddrive hooked up to my computer and use it for extra storage <cause 3 terrabytes of hard drive space is not enough>, and retrieve pictures off of my camera!!  Yay!!  Life is looking better after the last month of darkness.!!

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