Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall and life!

So much in my life has been turned upside down.. We were forced to move last month and I went from having an entire room devoted to scrappbooking and card making to a little corner of a room.  It has been hard adjusting as I do not get the peace and quiet that I once had to create.  So as a result many projects have been put on hold or just plain dumped for lack of creative drive.  I am in a few Fall/Halloween blog hops this month and next and I have been getting those done. I wil post the projects when the hops begin.  I am currently trying to get a list together as well as ideas for Christmas cards that I really must get moving on in the next few weeks.  I have vacation starting the 27th of October and I plan on getting as much cardmaking time in as I can.  Well off I go.. I am going to try to sketch out some card ideas in between yelling at the grandbabies for one thing or another today.  :)  Brightest Blessings!

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