Thursday, September 12, 2013


So I found this Paper Mache Witch Hat at Pat Catan's Craft Center today and decided... Well I am a crafter after all and it was just so darn tempting... and it was calling my name and I just had to have it.... Ok I didn't really but as soon as I saw it my mind started racing and my mouth started to salivate... Ok.. Not really but you ladies know exactly what happens when you see something that is just screaming to be altered.  It demanded to go home with me.. Mind you now I went in there with the sole purpose of buying adhesive squares so I could finish Arianna's birthday card. I walked out with this beauty and some paper as well as embellishments and what nots and of course I couldn't work on Arianna's birthday card at all because this thing was just shrieking at me.  I mean it was so loud and ear piercing that there was nothing else I could do but obey it's call.... I'm not proud of myself for ignoring my grand daughter's card, but I just could not help it.

Thank you for stopping by... Hope to see you again soon!
Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Oh, I Love your Hat! You did an Amazing job on it. Thanks for Sharing! :0)